Case Studies

Complete overhaul of SR4 Generator:

Generator after arriving to Clamp Electrical workshop - Rotor being removed from the Stator for inspection. 

Rotor after steam-cleaning - we steam-clean the Rotor and Stator to remove any contaminants before drying in the oven. Once the Rotor is completely dry we then test the rotor electrically.    

Rotor being Varnished - once varnishing is fully complete we then dynamically balance the Rotor.   

Stator after Varnishing - removing any imperfections over the spigots.   

Painted Stator    

After Rotor balancing completed and the Stator has been tested varnished and painted, we carefully insert back into the Stator and re-sheath and re-lug the cables.    

We perform a surge test to ensures that there are no shorts between the phases and/or down to earth. 

Generator ready for delivery after completed Overhaul.